The Age Of Reason Selling

Why Do You Sell?

There are millions of reasons for selling. You have your own reasons for selling. But are they the right reasons? Are they the right reasons for you?

Your Selling Reasons

What are your reasons for selling? Are you driven by a desire to help others? You should be. Helping others to succeed is the smartest way to become successful yourself.

How many different ways can you recite the following statement with enthusiasm, passion and sincerity?

“I sell to help others … <insert your reasons here>.”

“I sell to help others … ” must be a basic tenet of your selling.

Benefits Of Selling

Ideal reasons for selling relate to helping others to achieve benefits. The benefits of selling are emotional, material or both.

Emotional Benefits Of Selling

These benefits are tied to human emotions. We derive a lot of personal satisfaction from positive emotions.

We can sell for:

  • Ego
  • Fame
  • Power
  • Challenge
  • Credibility
  • Authority
  • Happiness
  • Contentment
  • Satisfaction

Selling should bring emotional benefits to others as well as ourselves.

Material Benefits Of Selling

For most people, material benefits tend to be more visible than emotional ones. Selling success is often measured by how much sales people benefit materially from their selling activities. Material benefits of selling are:

  • Greater Financial Wealth
  • Greater Ability to acquire Goods and Services

Material benefits generally take second place to emotional benefits. Material benefits usually serve emotional benefits.

Benefits Are The Products Of Reason

We all love benefits. But realise that BENEFITS ARE RESULTS of your selling activities. They are the products of the reasons for why you sell.

Your selling activities – what you actually do when you sell – are mostly influenced by your reasons for selling – why you sell. Your reasons are influenced by the results you desire. The results bring you the benefits you want.

Selling doesn’t guarantee that you’ll get the benefits you seek. You sell because you WANT to get benefits.

Are You Selling The Right Reasons?

When you’re happy with “why you sell”, other people sense your enthusiasm and your passion and they are positively influenced by it. Being happy is a good basis for being successful in selling and in life.

If you think you might be selling for the wrong reasons, ask yourself “why?”. You’re probably not happy about it and your “customers” probably sense it. Imagine how that affects your selling and your success.

Ideal reasons for selling relate to helping others to achieve benefits tied to satisfaction. Our selling can and should bring emotional benefits to others as well as ourselves.

Make sure your “customers” know why you sell. It helps them know you better. They’re more likely to trust you, listen to you and confide in you. That will make a positive difference to your success.

Change Your Selling For Better

We can always improve our selling abilities. Improvement comes with change. Effective changes don’t have to be radical ones. Small improvements over time are often more worthwhile than rapid one-off big-bang changes. You’re more likely to adopt and small changes and stick with them. They’re easier to tailor to your own situation and requirements. And you can include them into your life with much less effort.

Adopting new ways to improve your selling is easy when you and your customers know the true reasons for why you sell.

In future articles we’ll look closely at easy ways to improve your selling and how you can use them to help others and yourself to succeed.

What are the main reasons why you sell? Who benefits the most from your selling? What changes would you like to make in your “selling”? How will you make these changes?

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Karmic Selling Is Knowing Thyself!

“To Do Things Well, I Must Know Why I Do Them.”

Why Do I Sell?

Do this simple exercise to help you to understand “Why I Sell.” …

1/ Answer these questions honestly. No cheating now!

• Why do I sell?
• What are my reasons for selling?
• Why do those reasons motivate me?

2/ Write your answers where you can review them. A diary or notebook is good.

3/ Read your answers back to yourself.

4/ Contemplate them. Contemplate them again.

Happy with your answers?

“NO! I’m not happy.” … That’s OK. You’ve given yourself a great opportunity. Re-consider the questions. Come up with personal responses that really mean something to you

“YES! I’m happy.” … Great! Now you can start uncovering how your thinking really affects the way you sell. We’ll talk more about that in upcoming articles

Pat yourself on the back. You’ve just completed an exercise in reflection and understanding.

Karmic Selling is Knowing Success

Being able to reflect and to understand is vital for getting what you want in life. Knowing why you do what you do is a ticket to your success.

Reflection and understanding are great ways to improve your “selling” abilities whether you think you sell or not. (Tip: We all sell!)

Karmic Selling is knowing “Why do I sell?”. Karmic Selling is knowing yourself.

Why do you sell? What are your reasons for selling? Why do they motivate you to sell?

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Welcome To The Secrets Of Karmic Selling!

Welcome to Karmic Selling. The blog spreading secrets about how YOU can sell successfully by helping others to succeed.

We’ve all been “sold” to. We’ve all experienced “sales” people think selling is all about them, their product, their service and their opinions. They think W.I.I.F.M. not W.I.I.F.Y.. What’s In It For ME … not … What’s In It For YOU!

Being on the receiving end of a seller who’s more concerned about their “selling” rather than your “buying” isn’t very nice.

Being super successful at selling means helping other people get what they want first. That sounds easy enough, doesn’t it? So why do many of us struggle with “selling”?

What about you? How do you “sell”? … Do you create a selling experience for you? Or an irresistable buying experience for your “buyer”? … Do you focus on making a sale – any sale, or are you mostly concerned with helping others? … Are you “selling” or are you helping others to “buy”?

Karmic Selling lets you create irresistible buying experiences that produce positive results and lasting benefits for everyone touched by your selling. It’s easy to do. And you’ll smile once you know how. Your “buyers” will smile even more when you do it with them.

You can share the many secrets of Karmic Selling. I invite you to subscribe to this blog. Enjoy the articles and tell us what Karmic Selling means to you.

Give and Grow.

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